Meridien’s maritime and industrial divisions both offer multidisciplinary engineering services. The synergy of our two divisions forges the strength of the Meridien group!

Meridien’s avant-gardist employees and their ingenuity are the key to the group’s ever-increasing notoriety. By offering unique solutions, Meridien continues to stand out from the crowd and its competitors.



  • Design
  • Research and analysis
  • 3D modelling
  • Detailed engineering
  • Technical specifications
  • Machine, mechanism, material, hydraulic, and pneumatic processes
  • Electro-mechanics
  • Industrial processes

The Meridien group’s versatility allows for a turnkey experience, freeing you from the complexities of managing a particular project’s multiple stakeholders. Take a look at our portfolio and discover some of the innovative ideas our clients are already familiar with.



« Our ingenuity has allowed us to innovate in both the industrial and maritime sectors at the same time by offering tailored solutions, which are often less expensive and more effective than those offered by our competitors. The strength of the Meridien group is first and foremost the brilliance of each and every member of the workforce at each and every stage of our projectst. »
– Angello Marcotte, President